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Amberdrake's office in Attleton. It's listed in directories as a therapist's office, as well as a medical clinic.

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Typed up from pages 301-305 of the kindle version of Black Gryphon

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This takes place long after the point I'm taking him from for RP, but good to show that some things don't change.

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This is the very end of White Gryphon. If you ever intend to read the book, you may want to skip this one because it's literally the last few pages.

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Amberdrake's backstory, preceded by angry!Drake and followed by some brief sudden!kestra'chern!Drake.

There's other (small) stuff in little bits through the three books, but this is the part that has the most stated info on Drake's past.

Once on a time, there was a Kaled'a'in family, living far from the camps of their kin— )
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Drake operating as an emergency Healer, and the reason he didn't do this full time.

The Black Gryphon, pages 339--346.

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Snarky Skandranon, Drake with a concussion, and a particular fake kestra’chern doing the villain-gloating-to-the-heroes thing while they’re both trussed up. And he gets called on it, no less.

Hadanelith posed as a kestra’chern in the new city White Gryphon, in order to have access to people to... well, pretty much break. The guy’s a sick bastard; his victims were so screwed up in the head when he was done that they didn’t even need to be tied down. We see his handiwork early on in the book White Gryphon, when Drake and co find him and kick him the hell out of the new city. Ideally to wander off and die.

They should have just killed him, but them’s the breaks.

This chunk of the book takes place in a different land, with which the people of White Gryphon need to either make a truce, or be tossed into another war. As two of the leaders of White Gryphon, Amberdrake and Skandranon (among others) go there to play diplomat, and are summarily drug into this rather nasty murder/framing plot which ends up with Amberdrake feigning madness and able to leave his rooms only under disguise. Yeah. It makes sense in the book.

Anyway, that’s your context. Skan gets kidnaped at one point, and we all know who can’t just sit back and let the fighters do all the rescuing and things, right? Right. Good thing, too.

I won’t say it’s a pleasure to see you again. I suppose you’ve come to gloat? That’s trite enough to be in your style. )
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Because you can't youtube books, I've hand-typed the first two chapters of the first book.

This will likely be friendslocked a few days after he gets into a game.

A fist was a sign superstitiously avoided among the Healers as being bad luck, but his mind was not on wards and omens. )


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