Jul. 24th, 2017 07:37 pm
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Hey so, bit of a weird question. Anyone here ever heard of Torchwood, and could maybe point me how to get back to contacting the local branch? That'd be really handy, yeah?

Year and star system coordinates would also be fantastic, but I'm not holdin' my breath waitin'.

[Bites her bottom lip in thought.]

[She doesn't even know which universe this is. Much less how she got here without a dimension cannon or where everyone she was with went. Maybe they're here. But then maybe even saying their name depending on the universe is dangerous. Luckily, she's had 5+ years (give or take for literal dimension rewinds and time in the vortex) of experience in learning how to do codes.]

Here's a fairytale you've probably never heard before.

Once upon a time there was a big bad wolf. She wandered a city of metal filled with metal men. [Too dangerous to even say the world cyberman until she learned more!] She thought she was on a mission to hunt down her lost prince. But she was actually on a mission to find home. Bit like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz if you know it. And one day she met a man who wasn't a prince at all. He was a very brainy professor. There was even another man who started off as a mouse but turned into a lion full of courage, saving worlds he never even knew existed. And a really flirty captain who was probably too pretty for his own good. They weren't off to find a wizard. Just a blue box.

The big bad wolf ran away from home and her pack over and over and over again, but no matter how many times she ran, and how many new friends she made or which universe she fell into, something was always calling her back. 'Pparently you can't escape your family that easily. That or the Big Bad Wolf's mum was seriously terrifying and would fight a werewolf for diamonds and totally win.

Thanks for listening, Ta!

Rumors for the Week of 7/24

Jul. 24th, 2017 04:43 pm
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The following rumors are going around as NPC gossip. Your characters are welcome to hear them. The rumors may be true or false, and the subject of the rumor is randomly selected from the taken list. If a character shares the same first name with another character, we will not specify which one it is.

This week's rumors are:

1. I hear that Icy escaped from prison and hasn't been caught yet... didn't she freeze Attleton over? What if she tries again?! I don't feel safe!

2. Ryder tried to construct a harem back home once, but it exploded in his face. What a manho.

3. Smoker owes back-taxes for fifteen years! I'll bet the Guardians are coming for him soon.

Upcoming Tag Purge

Jul. 24th, 2017 03:33 pm
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Notice: We are dangerously close to reaching the tag limit (less than 30 left). In order to free up some more tag space, we will be purging all tags from dropped characters with less than 5 uses.

If you have some threads you would like to save from those tags so that you are able to find them, please be sure to do so by Thursday, July 27th. Thank you and have a great day!

13 Games Played | Text

Jul. 24th, 2017 01:20 pm
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I noticed that people don't normally do this kind of thing, but I wanted to know who was willing to join me on a gaming night?

I usually have gaming nights at home with roommates from time to time in which we stay up for as long as possible playing any and all kinds of games. We have a huge variety of snacks and food to eat and drinks to have while gaming.

It will be fun, I can assure you. If you are interested let me know. The date for the gaming night will be the 29th of July.

Now I have asked that I do have another question. To those who are my friends I am wondering, what is it about me that you like exactly?

I am just curious about something, that's all.


Jul. 22nd, 2017 08:51 pm
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[This is no post from the pod, in fact, he's snuck in a few days ago. He's been watching and observing people in his friendly way, but he hasn't approached anyone yet.

Demyx is bored. He isn't used to having no one to talk to so he activates his device and smiles brightly for the camera.]

Hi! I'm Demyx!

I know you can talk on this thing, so I thought I'd say hi, and do that. This place is pretty interesting, although I didn't think I'd still be here.

[He couldn't just teleport home. Weird.]

Oh well, nothing I can do about it. So, how are you?
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Hello everyone. The Attleton Olympic Games start this next July 26 and we have the final list of participants and winners.

Feel free to use this post to plot, form teams and decide who will win the competitions that were not RNG’d. If you can’t come to an agreement or you rather have luck decide, let us know and we will RNG the winners. A few extra details:

As you can see, we have an uneven number of second round participants, so instead of fighting one-on-one we will have…a Fencing Death Match. Have fun fighting the other fencer, all at once. That's the Star Wars' way!

The athletes need to participate in teams of 3. Feel free to find your ideal partner, dress up for the occasion and come with a proper ridiculous Team Name so the fans can scream it.

Relay Race
Since we only have 4 participants and that’s two teams, there’s no third and fourth place in this category.

Once the Games starts there will be an open log for those who want to play out the competitions. It’s not necessary to play them all out, we also encourage you to make public posts in the comm to show off your character skills or their performance during the game.

We will be updating the roster before the games so everything is up to date.

Plotting threads below:

Video and Action

Jul. 22nd, 2017 05:23 pm
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[It's only shortly after sunset when Edith turns her communicator on, but the map and leaflets from the bay are spread all across her bed.]

Okay, uh, sorry for posting like this but, I've never had to move like this without help so… how did everyone else adapt to being here? Was it easy finding a job and a better place to stay? I could really do with some advice, thank you.

[Yes it was only her second night in the city but she had to worry about money and a place to stay, and most importantly a steady blood supply before she went into hunger frenzy… but it wasn't like she could just ask for blood could she?]

[Action later that night]
[She didn't want to do this, she never wanted to do this but she was hungry and she had to get some blood while she still had self control. She'd start in Genessia and move to Everglade, back home she could look for the less savoury members of New York City, target those who would mug or attack others, play the meek lost girl and then turn the tables.

But here she didn't know where to hunt, she just had to hope for the best. ]

(ooc: If you're replying to the action thread please let me know if you're okay with Edith possibly feeding off your character.)

Action @ the Bay/Genessia City

Jul. 21st, 2017 05:24 pm
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[When he first wakes, he doesn't attempt to open the coffin, instead, he spends time wondering if everything over the past five years had been just another dream...another nightmare, that that is reality. The soft interior of his coffin is strange, though, and it gets his attention. This isn't his coffin. It was far too luxurious to be the one he'd been confined to for 30 years.

The cover slides open, and the pale man inside takes a look around, frowning down at the things he's been left with before stepping out into the waters surrounding the coffin, metallic boots sliding easily enough through the pool.


[The only sound he makes at first as he off-handedly pockets the bills and makes his way to the ramp and up to the street level. Crimson eyes dark as a hand moves to his hip and a very large three-barreled pistol at his him. He doesn't draw the weapon, but relaxes quickly enough, clearly seeing that the danger has passed. The holographic glow makes his face, partially obscured by the wide color of a tattered red opera cape, seem to glow in the low light of the early evening. He tilts his head to the side once the recording comes to a close, turning his gaze toward the map stand, thin eye-brows lowering as he turns toward it.]

...maps. Captives. [He lets out a quiet sigh.] What's next?

Looking for Lunch >_>

Jul. 21st, 2017 04:59 pm
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Hi, Nat here again, sorry if I'm being a pain but I just thought I'd ask if anyone would be interested in a thread where Edith feeds off their character since she's new and doesn't know where to buy blood yet.

Soo would anyone be interested in running into a hungry vampire? Rest assured that Edith is not a killer so there's no risk to your character's life.

[Action/Open] Into the Fog

Jul. 21st, 2017 10:50 am
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Who: Haruna
What: Haruna decides to investigate the Fish Market and the sea. A sign of normality for her?
When: 20 July, Near Dusk
Where: Fayren
Warning: None
Notice: I'd rather have just have multiple users in one thread instead of multi threading if possible

'Is this loneliness?' She asked softly as her green eyes opened.  )

+1 Undead Vessel for FFVII Cuthulu

Jul. 20th, 2017 11:56 am
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...that title was a little ridic, I know, BUT, anyway. This is Heather (Dorian, Clay, and Jag) with character #4...

...and I should preface this by saying I'm letting Ganelon go home. He was a shot in the dark that didn't quite pan out.

ANYWAY this is Vincent Valentine from FFVII Compilation. He's specifically coming in from mid Dirge of Cerberus, when he's found out a little bit about the entity that resides within him, but no one's yanked out the protomateria in his chest that gives him the ability to control the beast somewhat.

:) I'll be introing him soon <3
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[A very angry, colorful looking woman is gracing the network, and she doesn't care that this message gets everywhere.]

Why was I in some floating coffin?! And what's with all that crap with that other new hologram?! [She so hopes the Holograms aren't expanding more...] And these tacky necklaces! [Which she holds up. Hers is yellow with a couple of green spots. Loads better than the Jem earrings, but still!]

You're gonna have to leave those Holograms to come and get me!



[The video ends on that pleasant note. All she can think of doing is ringing Techrat's scrawny little neck once he gets there.]

Everyone's Favourite Pumpkin King!

Jul. 20th, 2017 03:56 pm
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Hi folks!~

Beth here, your resident Sonico and Faye, this time bringing in a rather different creature - Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

If you haven't seen this you are either a) younger than me and therefore somehow this film has slipped your popular culture or b) a person with an empty life. Seriously, watch it!

He will have no idea what the heck is going on, but he will love that, because he's super curious and a bit of scientist (Halloween Town stylee anyway).

As per usual, you can PM me here or please feel free to add me on Plurk at dystopiadreams.


[Action - At night time naturally]

Jul. 20th, 2017 12:23 pm
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Having woken up in some kind of pod in a room full of water Edith was understandably freaking out. Her first instinct was to use obfuscate so she wouldn't be seen as she left the room to see what was going on. But since there was no one around she dropped it after a few moments.

She'd seen the hologram, and had found it impressive, but she also didn't believe it.

The last time she had found herself in a situation that made no sense it was because she and her friends had been trapped by an illusion made by a strix-possessed nosferatu. Edith looked at her hand remembering how Damian had broken out of the trap, and after a moments hesitation, closed her eyes and bit into the heel of it.

Nothing had changed when she opened them. Damn it.

Not knowing what to do now Eidth grabbed a map, along with a few flyers tucking them away in the box she had woken up with before moving on.

And so the teenager could be found wandering the city, box tucked under one arm, map in one hand, and her phone from home in the other as she fruitlessly tried to phone home. She hadn't healed her hand yet, she figured she couldn't waste the Vitae until she knew more about what was happening.

"Maybe a text would work better." She said to herself as she gave up trying to call. "Last time those still worked... ugh if I've been walking around in circles this whole time Cassandra's never going to let me forg-oof"

Edith fell back on her backside as she bounce off whoever she had just walked into.

"Oh! Sorry!" She said reflexively, looking up to see who she had bumped into.

+ 1 Vampire Nerd

Jul. 20th, 2017 11:11 am
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Hi there, its not just a new character here but a new player!

I'm Nat and I will be playing Edith a fledgling from a Vampire the Requiem/Chronicles of Darkness game.(For anyone familiar with the canon and confused by Edith's username, the Camarilla got reestablished in the campaign.)

Edith was a painfully shy girl who got sired by accident and caught up in was escalated into a war between modern New York vampires and an Elder from roman times. Thankfully her side won but she's still getting used to her new position and the fact people actually think she's like... really powerful or something? Yes the poor girl has some self confidence issues. Clearly ripping her from her home world and sending her here is the best way to deal with them. >_>

This is my return to RP after taking a bit of a break so if you see me doing something dumb don't be scared to let me know, Edith might bite but I don't. (....Sorry I had to make a bad joke somewhere in here ^^;;;)

My plurk is Kitsune_Wolf if you're interested, but not necessary for plotting as PM's to this journal are welcome.

[Action | Text post ]

Jul. 19th, 2017 08:26 pm
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[1. The Bay.] )

[3.Fai's cat cafe.] )


ghhwewhhhhhtsdf445 affge,k,ññññ...


[After the incomprehensible text, the device switches to video when the right button gets hit by accident. What can be seen on the screen is mostly just blackness and what seems to be a....giant tongue. And very sharp fangs, closing upon the camera. There's a crunching noise, a loud beep and then all that can be seen is a blur.

Dray got started and stopped gnawing on the communicator when it made an angry noise at him. Perhaps the weird thing is alive. He peers down at it and finally, a steady image can be seen. It's not all clear if the person looking down at the camera is male or female but it's sure covered in light golden hair and has two big ears on its head.]

3 Lanterns | Text/Anon Text

Jul. 19th, 2017 12:16 pm
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[Not that Rapunzel has discovered the ways of texting among other things, thanks, Jaune. She decided to do this as a text rather than video. Mostly because if she used video you would realise she was still in the process of moving into the new apartment and it was pretty empty. Minus what actually comes with the apartment. Plus she really wanted to use the smiley faces, okay?]

Thank you to all who have been really helpful when it comes to working. I have secured myself a part time job that requires me to only work three days a week. But because of that, I find myself with some times still. So I've been doing the things I usually would have back home, one of which is painting.

Why am I bringing this up you wonder? Well, it's been suggested more than once that I do this as something to do as well. Sell my paintings. But it would be requests more than selling whatever I paint in my own time. So... let me know if you want a painting done either on a canvas or on a wall :) :) :)

[It was at least thirty minutes or so before she sends out another text, this time it was completely anon.]

Anon Text

I have a question. What are peoples dreams here? Not like... what dream you had last night, but more... something you want to do or achieve. A dream. I'll give you an example.

Back home there was something I wanted to see up close and had been planning to before I found myself here.

005 :: VIDEO

Jul. 18th, 2017 09:23 pm
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[Belle looks a little unsure as she addresses the network.]

Excuse me. My name is Belle.

I apologize for addressing everyone so soon. My roommate, Ildikó odala, has vanished. I haven't seen her for a few days now and... I'm worried. I fear she's left for good.

If that is the case I need to find housing else-ware or someone interested in housing with me.

Please let me know. Thank you for your attention and time.
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[It's a kid, can't be much older than thirteen, who has turned on the video function of their phone. The scene that anyone watching it will see is said kid, which it's hard to tell if they're a boy or a girl, fiddling with a worn dagger (which looks like it's better suited for gardening then stabbing) while also checking out the Genessia newspaper.

Thanks anonymous they talked to about jobs, they actually took some of the advice about looking at the paper.]

Some of these things in here are really stupid to hire someone else to do. Like can't any of these folks handle this themselves? [Okay, they actually just mean the one bounty. Not the other ones. But their point stands, also they're a bit of an asshole. Which brings them to their other question.]

Do any of you n... folks here have any jobs a kid can do, since some of the stuff listed in here. [Holds up the newspaper to their device to make their point.] Don't strike me as the kinda places that'll hire a kid.

Also I've got no issues with getting my hands dirty and I really don't want to have to live in the orphanage here.

[They actually make a face as if being in an orphanage is the worse thing ever, before ending their video.]

[Public Announcement | Text]

Jul. 18th, 2017 08:01 pm
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[On this fine morning, a mass text message is send to all devices with the text that follows:]

We are pleased to cordially invite you to attend or participate in the first ATTLETON OLYMPIC SUMMER GAMES event that which will take place on  26 July - 2 August in Attleton’s Battle Colosseum.

The true spirit and goal of the Olympic Games is to bring together representatives from all the different cities, civil societies and public authorities to encouraged understanding across cultures. With all the eyes upon you, we ask you to send a message to the world through sport. Show the world that people of all abilities, races, nationalities and worlds can come together as one.
“The important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.”

Now is the time for faith in the future. We look forward seeing you this July in Attleton!

[ooc: The quote is from
Pierre de Coubertin founder of the International Olympic Committee. The sign up for the game can be found here, original event info and medal pictures here. Attached to the text message there’s a Event Organizer Handbook Pdf detailing the sports that will take place, explaining the rules about the power limiters, the prizes..There's also information about how to contact the organizers to sponsor the games and/or the podracers, or to become a -very much needed- volunteers.

Feel free to use this plot to have characters talk about the future games or maybe discuss the less traditional sports listed, such as Nerf throwing or PodRacing. Have fun!]


Jul. 18th, 2017 10:57 am
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It was a tense night for everyone in Castlevania. The gears that lined the castle had begun to chug and churn all through the night while the monsters that roamed the myriad halls were far more skittish and likely to attack anything that moved - even each other. Only a few knew why the change of atmosphere had permeated the place, not even the lord of the castle himself knew for sure. He only sensed something was... off.

As dawn neared and he began preparations to return to his coffin, an imp that he had sent through the halls to seek out the cause of the disturbance saw something. Tucked away in a room that had gone unused for centuries, tended to by Sakuya and Patchouli, was a woman. Even with all the burns covering her body, Dracula would recognize her in a heartbeat. For 324 years, that face had been burned into his mind, and now she was in his castle.

His mind, twisted by the centuries of hate and war, instantly jumped to the most logical conclusion. Someone had created a homunculus in his wife's image and sent it to him in order to manipulate him. Upon this realization, the gears that had settled into a low chugging noise ground to life once more as an unholy roar reverberated through every stone throughout the castle. So loud was the roar that it was audible all throughout Everglade.

It did not last long and as suddenly as it had erupted from the throne of Castlevania, it ended. There were no echoes, no evidence that it had actually happened. Only a deafening silence left in its wake. Those in Castlevania itself would notice a few things. Several rooms seem to have been rearranged at random, making traversing the castle far more difficult, especially in the chambers leading to the throne. The stairs to the chamber housing Vlad's throne had collapsed, and the foyer leading into the throne looked as if some great battle had taken place with smoldering carpets and gashes ripped through the stone walls. Every bit of furniture had been shoved up against the door to the throne room as well serving as a makeshift barricade. The monsters within the structure were also far more aggressive than normal. The undead that had previously just wandered aimlessly without purpose were now roaming in packs, setting up ambushes around dark corners. The werewolves and demons were actively hunting now, lashing out at any who dared walk the halls alone, and plants that had occupied themselves feeding on the frogs and bugs of the caves below the castle now burst up through the cracks in various halls, seeking out more substantial meals.

Mod Updates

Jul. 18th, 2017 03:18 am
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Updates from the mods!

1. Taken list update
For grouped-together series like Persona, Final Fantasy, MCU, Star Wars, and so on, we've added a sub-section to the OU to identify which specific one they're from. It looks like this:


Character Name | Alias ([personal profile] username)
OU (VI: The Mighty Subseries) | PLAYED BY PLAYER

That said, because it wasn't previously on the Taken List, please check your character's entry if you fall under the multi-series category and verify that your character's taken list entry is correct. If it is not, please comment the taken list with the adjustments. Thank you!

2. The Photobucket Nightmare
So I'm sure some of you have noticed by now that a lot of the images were hosted on Photobucket. With their new policies, you can only direct link if you're a paid member. Which is stupid because what would be the point of uploading it to photobucket in that case when legit everywhere else is free? But I digress- no photobucket rants here, I'll stop. We've re-uploaded the main ones, but you'll still see the error if you look back at older posts because we're not going through the entire history of the game to update image links for newspapers and so on. Sorry guys.

3. Please stop messaging the mods if things aren't done immediately.

The following was added to all comm profiles and the taken page:
"Out of respect to the moderators' schedules, please only message moderators about unresponded to tasks if the time since your original request has been submitted for a week or longer. Thank you."

The exception to this would be urgent event questions, which have their own special question areas that allow moderators to check in more frequently. Because events have set times, if a moderator hasn't responded to a question that's located within the designated question area within 2-3 days please feel free to contact us about it. Don't ask the mod plurk questions ever, we only log in to post things on it and 2/3 mods don't get emails for private plurks.

The moderators all have a lot on their plate IRL, from jobs to family matters and other responsibilities. We do not have time to process tasks the second that they go through. We love your enthusiasm and are happy you have it, but please exercise patience. We're only human, and the game is designed to accommodate a slower play-style due to many of our players having busy lives so you aren't going to fall too behind if it takes us 4 days to do something. We really would appreciate it, thank you.

4. FAQ addition: Project Ways / Ways Points.
It was mentioned in the newspaper in game, but in order to make sure that players are aware it's an up-and-running function now that reduces IC travel times, we're adding it to the FAQ. Please read the entry here if you have no idea what the hell I'm talking about.

5. Discord
Still sussing out details, word on this soon. Hang with us. If you have an opinion you'd like to include, head on over to this post to do so. We're still checking! We will keep the poll open until 7/21 so please be sure to vote by then.

6. Rumor mill brainstorming
Hello everyone, it looks like there's been a lot of interest in starting up a rumor mill in Genessia. We'd like your ideas on how to do it. The current ideas are:

-Randomly post on plurk/discord as a "bonus" so we're not flooding the IC comm all the time. (People likely won't see it if it's a pinned post so we don't wanna do that.)
-Allow submissions?
-2-3 characters picked via RNG from the taken list each week.
-Rumors may or may not be relevant but will not reveal devastating personal information. Your character's deepest darkest secret isn't going to be revealed because of a fun gossip thing.
-If the rumor is NSFW in nature it will be phrased implicitly. No rumors may contain explicit content.
-If mods miss a week, same topics are repeated for the next week? They're just that hot of news, goodness.
None of these are set in stone, so if you're against one of them, let us know. Have more ideas? Let us know! Comment right here to participate in discussion.

Questions, comments concerns about any of this? Reply here and a mod will get back to you as soon as possible.

+1 Misfit!

Jul. 18th, 2017 10:15 am
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Hi! It's Tash, player of Grell, Nora, Neopolitan, Aya, Pizzazz from Jem and the Holograms. I'm taking her from the IDW Comic, but really, either version is basically the same. She's pretty...self-centered and thinks highly of herself, but she can back it up because she's an awesome guitarist and singer. Having no Holograms around means it's prime space for The Misfits to get their roots into the music scene!

There's one more thing about her, but it's a major SPOILER if you're not caught up with the current comic, so I'll just put it under a cut:


I'm at [ profile] thesparklequeen for plots and stuff!

The Lady of the Castle

Jul. 17th, 2017 10:10 pm
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Who:Lisa and Sakuya, later on adding in others at the Castle.
What:Lisa arrives, faints, and is taken to the castle where all hell breaks loose.
Where: Just outside of the bay and then Castlevania.
Warning: Lots of feels, confusion, and then all hell breaking loose at the Castle.

She was the only human holding the gates of hell closed... )

+1 more to sass Drac

Jul. 17th, 2017 10:02 pm
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Hello! Mech is back again....I keep coming and going and this time I bring in Lisa Tepes. The only woman to ever love Dracula and is Alucard's mom.

Feel free to add me over on plurk at [ profile] plushietaco I don't bite.
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Hello Genessia. I go by the alias of Cirno and I'll be bringing into the game the MCU's latest addition: Peter Parker/Spider-Man, taken from the ending of his movie Spider-Man: Homecoming! He's your not so average nerdy teenager who deals with most things other teenagers deal with: Getting girls to go to homecoming dances, making sure to keep up to date on homework...

Oh, yeah, and also saving people's lives and battling villains! For you see, Peter has a second identity known as "Spider-Man", and if you don't know who Spider-Man is he's just your friendly neighborhood guy with spider powers including but not limited to: creating webbing, superhuman reflexes, super strength & a brand spanking fancy new technological suit with a bunch of new additions!

I have a permissions post set up over here if you'd like to opt-out from threading with him at all/want to avoid him talking about anything spoilery. As a general rule of thumb, if you don't post there I'll do my best to avoid spoilers but if they crop up then they crop up. No matter what I'll always warn for spoilers so people don't stumble across them by accident!

If you'd like to add me, you can reach me in one of two places: My plurk, which (still getting the hang of it) is over at [ profile] ninebaII OR my Discord which is "Cirno#1161"

It's nice to meet all of you and I'm looking forward to RPing with you! c:

+1 Dhampir, and semi-hiatus

Jul. 17th, 2017 08:35 pm
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Hi all, it's your local neighborhood Meido again. First off, I've dropped Eidola and Rowan- both of their voices completely escaped me and I lost all confidence to work with them. I'm sorry to the people who filled out Eidola's permissions post, but thank you so much for doing so! ;; She may come back at a later date when I'm comfortable again but as of right now it's best to put her away.

Secondly, I am bringing with me now someone I thought about playing once before but totally chickened out until I got horribly enabled this time around. This is Adrian Fahrenheit Tepes, half-human son of none other than Dracula himself, of Castlevania fame. You could also say that he's a +1 to Team Daddy Issues here in Genessia. He comes post-Symphony, so he and his dad? ... not gonna get along too well I don't think.

Lastly, because I am the Master of Unlocking Bad Timing, I will be on hiatus starting the 19th to August 6th due to a trip! But I'll still likely get tags in here and there, so it won't be total inactivity. I'll still be checking my Plurk multiple times a day though, so you can hit me up there at any time if you need me for anything.

I am unbelievably nervous about bringing Alucard in, but I hope I can do him justice! ;;


Jul. 17th, 2017 08:08 pm
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[A click. There's darkness, and shuffling, the sound of water being splashed around, and a very soft, very gentle curse.

Then a few seconds of silence... before the screen blasts white. It takes a second for the phone to adjust to the light itself, and when it does, blue skies and an upside down Genessia city are broadcast for a decent minute, before the screen is finally angled up at the holder.

A young man, dressed as if he'd tumbled out of some dark Victorian based funeral parlor, white as a sheet thanks to his own panic and confusion.

... It must still be a dream...

[Apparently, he's not entirely aware of what he's looking at or what the hell its doing, because in short order that phone is flipped over to get a good look at some expensive looking boots as he decides to just... take this all one goddamn step at a time and deduce what the ever loving fuck this thing is.]

[Closed] Haberdashery II

Jul. 17th, 2017 06:20 pm
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Who: Satsuki, Koishi, Doctor Flug
What: Satsuki proceeds with her own life fiber project
When: Before the Spirit Invasion

Electric Boogaloo )

+1 dragonborn +1 wonderlander

Jul. 17th, 2017 11:32 pm
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Hello everyone! This is Nami, new here but I've known about the game for a while. Some people already here convinced me to join so... Hi!

I bring you two characters: one is this lovely lady from the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Her name is Brynhild and she's my played version of the Dragonborn. She shouts, she fights dragons, she apparently also speaks dragon?? and she never asked for any of this, whoopsie,

All jokes aside and for people who might be familiar with the game, I'm playing her post meeting Paarthurnax, who poses a big dillema in her view of dragons and their motives, but closer to when she helps Delphine track down an Elder Scroll. Genessia will be a long-awaited break from that lifestyle and hopefully from petty thievery. :D

The other character is Alice Liddell of the American McGee variety. Her journal is over at [personal profile] fearsnothing and canon-wise I am playing her post-games during the time of the Jules Verne animated short. This Alice is considerably darker than the original stories, having gone through horrible life experiences and having been a years-long resident in a victorian-era asylum. Still, she's a bit like a superhero and now that she's finally learning to set herself free, she wants to help others as well. Despite her temper.

Anyway, my contact info is on the contacts page and I hope we get to play around. I'll probably intro them in a bit or tomorrow but I hope to see you all around. Cheers!

-1 muse + 1 Kitty

Jul. 17th, 2017 10:49 pm
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Hello everyone this is Lylith

I'm afraid that Ildikó ([personal profile] pretty_handy ) wasn't quite working for me on the game so she's gone back to sleep. Thank you so much to all the people who thread with her, it was a blast and she had a lot of fun. I'm still around with K2SO and I bring you another of my OC's, Dray Lyell from an original species named Eidions. There's a lot of info in his journal and here's a few images about how he looks.

Long story short, he had really shitty luck in t he past and was kidnapped and locked into a prison for 10 years. He's coming to the game right after the night he escapes, so Dray's going to be really exited and overwhelmed about all the new things he's allowed to do and try. He will also be looking for his children, since he is a mama.

Thank you!

Attleton Guardian Office - catch all

Jul. 17th, 2017 04:22 pm
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Who: Attleton Guardian crew and open
Where: Attleton
What: General catch-all post for the Guardian's office
Warnings: Added as needed

Feel free to make your own open or closed threads, and interact with one another.

A. OTA )

B. for Alice )

C. for Aya )


Jul. 16th, 2017 07:54 pm
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[David starts up the video feed and he looks much better than he did the last time he started it.]

So a belated congratulations to all current Guardians. I’m positive you will all do or continue to do a good job.

[To the next order of business.]

So like many of the other Guardians, I’m putting a call out for anyone interested in being a Deputy Guardian. Your job essentially would boil down to helping to protect Genessia City. For a while now I’ve only had Karla as a Deputy, but I think it is time to fix that. I don’t have any hard requirements for anyone interested in joining, there are many different ways that a person can help out with protecting the city. There are some possible changes that I’m considering for the future and having a full team could help with that.

If you would like to converse over the potential job, we can do so over this device. Otherwise, you can meet me in the Guardian’s Office in Genessia City [Address to the office is here] My door is always open to anyone, so don’t be afraid to drop by.

On a different note, I am thinking about opening up an MMORPG style branch of Holodeck’d. Granted, there is no Online aspect of it, so I guess it’d just be an MMRPG. You’d be your character and be able to adopt the look of your character model, use your own physical movements to engage in combat, ect. I suppose this is an interest check for that as well.
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Who: Ted, Komeiji Sisters
What: Ted apologizes and bares his mind to youkai
When: Evening
Where: Fayren outskirts
Warnings: verbosity

Poetry along the way to Fayren; Open )

Meeting of the minds/Closed )

backdated to July 2nd

Jul. 16th, 2017 02:54 pm
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WHO: Yukiko Amagi and Cassian Andor
WHAT: Meeting of the newbie Guardians
WHEN: July 2nd, noon
WHERE: Fayren, guardian's office
WARNINGS: None so far

Read more... )


Jul. 16th, 2017 10:21 pm
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[As opposed to his usual aggressively sounding network posts, today Grievous has an air of almost melancholy contemplation about him.]

When is it time to cease grieving for something that has been lost?

closed to [personal profile] aurabble

Jul. 16th, 2017 04:05 am
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WHO: Jaune Arc, Emerald Sustrai
WHAT: Harvester Bounty
WHEN: A couple of days after the bounty was posted.
WHERE: Nova City, various locations.
WARNINGS: Violence and gore. The bounty's about black market organs, come on now, what do you think is gonna happen??

[ Since the bounty had gone up, Emerald had started a new "job." She didn't plan to stay at it long- it was to get close to someone who'd rather suddenly gotten a pair of eyes that really didn't look human. She said cosmetic surgery, but the facts didn't add up, which meant that she was probably her best bet for figuring out who the mystery doctor who fixed her up was. It was probably the person who has been stealing alien organs without permission.

Which is why Emerald Sustrai is dressed in a pencil skirt, her twintails rolled up into a bun at the back of her head with two of those hair chopsticks in it. She wore a smile that said friendly coworker, but internally screamed that she wanted to kill whoever decided this was professional attire. They were the real criminal here. She was rolling into day four of being the new temp and finally making friends with Sinday Barklay, AKA Miss Alien Eyes. She'd just pulled her into the copy room for a little playful work time gossip to warm her up. It was finally time to ask about where she got that "cosmetic surgery" and make up a story about how she was really looking to get her own eyes changed, considering how many people seemed to get freaked out by red ones.

At least, that had been the plan. She hadn't counted on her lead being the same lead that a certain deputy had found in the case, or what would transpire next. ]


Jul. 16th, 2017 01:55 am
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[Did you subscribe to The Genessia Tribune? Did you even remotely wish you had a newspaper or some other form of media to refer to for news, weather, and current events? Then you're in luck! There's a paperboy riding through the streets of Genessia flinging newspapers onto doorsteps or, if you're unlucky, through your window. Even remote locations in the other cities will still get a paper if one of the residents ever wanted one. The Paperboy is just that dedicated.]

[And if you're one of the following people, and you happen to subscribe to the newspaper, the Paperboy may or may not have flung the newspaper through that person's window, at the person, and/or broke something in the area: Haru Okumura, Emerald Sustrai, Akira Kurusu, Mayu Nozaki, Konoka Konoe, Lilith Mallory, Xassian Andor, Super Sonico, Sakuya Izayoi.

The following people have their newspaper placed neatly on their doorsteps: Cad Bane, Theodore Satchel, Deadpool, Gale Reinhardt, Professor Sycamore, Ayame Sasaki, Soma Cruz, chaos, Yukiko Amagi, Fai D. Flourite, Chiaki Nanami.]

This Week In The News )

[ OOC: Want to submit anything to the newspaper? Reply to this comment with the subject line as your title and include any information you want to be sure is in next Sunday's newspaper! This includes news, gossip, singles ads, business advertisements, job listings, bounties, and anything else you want in the newspaper.

FOR BOUNTIES: Reply to this comment with either a claim or a log (every 3 claims must include a log). Feel free to team up, or even fail to deliver the bounty. Please note that whoever goes after the bounty is in charge of writing the NPCs involved,but feel free to ask the mod for any tips if you like. First come first serve on claims unless you haven't turned in a log for every 3 bounties. ]
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The first thing that Martha noticed when she opened her eyes, was that she was cold. Her memories of what she was doing before waking up were fuzzy and frankly quite perplexing to Martha, who needed to understand everything for it to make sense.

She felt the weight on her chest and opened the box, hoping somehow that the Doctor had left some clue. Oh.... the Doctor.... of course.

"Hello???? Is anyone out there. If I said Tardis what would you say?"

[closed] silence is broken

Jul. 15th, 2017 03:37 pm
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Who: Szelhamos and Tannusen
Where: Genessia City - Velvet Lust
When: Backdated to the heeeaaaatwaaaave.
What: Szel's been actively avoiding talking to Tannu, while still hanging around his bar, since the soul incident.
Warnings: Talk of old abuse.

After the first time Tannusen had approached the demon and Szel had literally just poofed away in a cloud of smoke, the tiger had backed off. Plenty of reasons ran through his head why the man may not want to deal with him directly anymore, and... well, he couldn't blame him.

Tannusen just went about business as usual, lounging around in his usual upstairs booth sipping tea. His legs were on the seat itself while his back was against the wall the booth stood beside, and he was actively doing something or other on a laptop on his lap. Reading, mostly. And sometimes a lot of typing.

3 Growing Plants | Text

Jul. 15th, 2017 11:49 am
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I have learnt quite a bit since I arrived here. For one, I've learnt a bit about being a waitress.

I've also learned that two weeks of really warm weather with plants that can't handle it will die no matter how well you tend to them.

But it makes me think maybe I should have started with plants that work well for the season, but I think at this point it would be too late for that.

Guess what I am saying is my plants will take a little longer to grow and my experiment I wanted to do will take a little while longer.

As for in general, I have a question. What is it like with businesses you work for? Do you get along with the people you work with and the manager or owner or do people work at a place simply because it's the only thing they can do?


Jul. 14th, 2017 05:21 pm
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Just leaving a little note to let any CR I have know that I dropped.

I'd say that Bracken left notes behind for people but... you know he didn't have that kind of forethought. His giant tree house will be there with pictures of people left behind in it. If he's talked to your character, there's probably a pretty well done drawing of them left behind.

There's no reason the tree house wouldn't be in good shape. However, everything ran based off his magic, so anyone who wanted to make use of it would have to figure out the water/cooking situations. It would be way too big at this point in time for one guy, built high up in the trees with likely dozens of rooms from months of work. They're Sylvari style.

I had a pretty good time here so I'd just like to thank everyone for everything. Have fun you all!

II⋆ Oяαcℓє┊❦┊Action

Jul. 14th, 2017 06:57 pm
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Who: Futaba & Akira
What: Futaba wanted to explore a bit more, but with the crowds (despite her self-training to go outside again), she wasn't sure she could do it herself. Good thing her Key Item is here to guide the way!
When: July 14th
Where: Nova City
Warning: None really. Unless Persona 5 spoilers pop up?

One would think that being here for this long, Futaba would have explored more of Nova City by now. Too bad her social anxiety made it impossible for her to withstand it for too long by herself until she ran all the way home in a hurry to her confines of her apartment about the bar; Not to mention the fact that Nova City was a decently sized location and the fact that it was foreign to her yet. Shibuya was big, but at least she knew more about it; This was a whole different beast.

So every time she'd considered going for it and facing her fears (it's a work in progress, okay?), she'd always back out and find some excuse to go with it. Not today. Futaba needed to face this head on and she knew it well. ....Still some moral support would be nice and Haru was working. At least her Key Item was here now, so Akira wouldn't mind going with her, right?

She sent a quick text, asking if he could go around with her, hoping he wasn't busy. Thankfully he seemed to be free and responded back to her fairly quickly. He's been to their place before (they were still trying to figure out how the three of them could fit in a small place like this), so it shouldn't have taken too long for him to arrive.

That was fine, because she needed to prep herself mentally that she was going outside with crowds of people everywhere. So she was sitting outside of her apartment building, just beside the doorway where she wouldn't be in the way and no one would smack her with the door which she waited for him to arrive.

anon text

Jul. 14th, 2017 12:39 pm
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It's been over a year since our last honestly honest anonymous chat. We can all be honest (or honestly have fun) and not have to worry about what anyone else thinks when our identities aren't tied to what we're saying. Same rules as last time so I'm just copy/pasting:
    1. Only reply with anonymous text! If you say something logged in, I'll freeze the thread and put a bounty on your head for ruining everyone's fun.

    2. Put thread topics in the subject line. Don't get off topic, if you want to talk about something else start a new thread. I'll throw a few discussion topics up, but you can feel free to bring up your own, namedrop people to talk about them, whatever you want.

    3. If you bring up personal problems don't whine when people give you answers you don't like.
Those are the only rules, get going.

{ OOC NOTE: All replies to this post are automatically considered anonymous unless otherwise stated in the subject line. If you intentionally have your character reply while 'logged in' Emerald really will freeze the thread. Whether she actually does the bounty part depends on how much she really wants to annoy your character. This is essentially an IC anon meme, except it's actually in-game because Emerald is bored and wasting time at work (sorry Johnny, the kiddos at the arcade only waited a couple of minutes while she posted- she promises they were being twits anyway). }
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Who: Grell, Remelia, Marco, and Seth (and probably Oswald if he wants to join with them or separately later on)
What: Guardian Meeting
When: NOW or like sometime Friday
Where: Everglade- The Rose Estate
Warning: None for now but who knows...

Their meetings are better than yours! )

Summer, July 13th - Homecoming

Jul. 13th, 2017 07:15 am
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Who: Ayame Sasaki, K2SO, Sonico, Ran Fujimiya, & Others
What: Tokyo Day Trip
Where: Tokyo Subarchway (Attleton)

[ At Sonico's housewarming party, Ayame got to meet K2SO and had made a mention about taking him to the Tokyo subarchway. At the time, Ayame thought they were going the next day since she was free, but a sudden change of plans have made them move the date back to where everyone can attend. Ayame only found out later that Sonico wanted to come, along with a man she has yet to meet.

Ayame has heard from Gale and Satsuki about her colleague once taking people on a trip here, so that's on her also mind. She knows she can't compete with how sociable her colleague is. He may not be Japanese either but he knows more about Tokyo than she does, being from a small town near Kyoto and all. But she hopes to make up for it in her own way, and hopes that a Tokyo native like Sonico can help her out in coming up with ideas on places to go. All she has planned for this trip is grabbing some items and show off the robots to K2. But now she's taken up the role of designated teleporter, eschewing public transport and traffic and just use her created portals to travel around the city more effectively. Atelier Sakura in Fayren is not officially open yet, so she has all day to hang out.

Ayame brought her cat Hibiki along for the trip, who has been by her side while they wait for the others to show

Morning @ Shibuya Crossing

[ Ayame chose this as a meeting spot as it was not only close to where she needed to grab some items from, but it was also one of the most iconic locations of the capital. It's the heart of Tokyo, as many would say, but in hindsight, it seems like a bad choice of place too. The throngs of crowds have gotten thick and not helping with the blazing summer heat, with pedestrians crossing from all directions of the intersection like marbles spilling out of a bag in such organized chaos. Scattered sounds of chatter, car engines and distant horns, and audio from the massive digital billboards on the side of buildings. Ayame isn't bothered by the temperature, but the crowds are a little too much for her. She can be found standing out near the Tsutaya store, first to greet her fellow pendant-wearer with an acknowledging glance and a nod.

If they feel the need to eat before tackling on the day ahead of them, Ayame would be willing to pay and take them elsewhere around the city like the famous Akihabara, or someplace less crowded for some traditional Japanese eats. Or not. There's a McDonalds down the street.

Noon @ Miraikan

[ Shielding her human friends from the high noon sun, Ayame brought them to the Miraikan Museum, or the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. Mostly for K2, since there's a presentation of Honda's Asimo robot going on in here. Aside from that, the expansive museum shows exhibits about Earth, rudimentary doll-like androids, and some basic interactive games and activities mostly aimed at children. Currently, there is an exhibition about cartoon animation history. ]


[ This spot of the day is open, with Ayame leaving it to Sonico to decide where to go next. Being a Tokyoite, Sonico would have a better idea on what places to see. The Miraikan is in Odaiba, which has malls and plenty of entertainment. They even have the Gundam statue there for K2 to see, and an onsen theme park. But they could also go back to the mainland, and possibly see Tokyo from the ground by exploring the hidden gems within the city, or seeing it from atop the roof of the observation deck. Ayame can teleport them there and hide their presence from security after all, and enjoy the breeze along with the view from the top. ]


[ Even while pressed for time, Ayame eventually convinces herself in making some, just for the sake of hanging out. Feeling generous, she's willing to pay and buy gifts for her new compatriots as souvenirs. There's some restaurants she's been curious to try out, and novelty shops and tourist spots that are better viewed at night that they still need to see before calling it a day. Rain is very likely to occur! ]

Act 03 | [Action/Private Video]

Jul. 11th, 2017 03:39 pm
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[Action - Attleton Guardian Office]

[It was Mobius' first day on the job in Attleton, and he was... drowsy, to say the least. He was used to being able to stay up as late as he wanted since he got here, since he had no banshee in the form of his best friend and commander harping on him (despite the initial fear of someone mentioning him when he'd gotten here in the first place), but he suddenly has to get back to a "get to work at 6 in the morning" routine. Since he still takes residence in Nova City, that means getting up around 4:30 in the morning to make the hour-long walk through Genessia City to Attleton, and that doesn't even include getting out of Nova and to the HQ at Attleton. Add that with 100 degree weather and you've got a recipe for a cranky Mobius.

But, he had to keep it in check. Can't have his new boss and peers be annoyed with him day one because he has to make a very miserable trek until he finds a place in Attleton. Mobius has nearly dozed off at a desk more than once, but he's managed to stay awake so far. That's a plus, right? He couldn't exactly let himself fall asleep while getting acquainted with his new line of work.

... his new line of work that is currently without computers. How in the world did the last Guardian manage this? Sure, everything was filed nicely and orderly, but... geez.

Mobius was wondering what he should be doing at the moment, asking the AI in his bracer for advice whenever someone wasn't around. She said something about looking at the list of needed upgrades to see if there was anything he could fetch on his own, which wasn't a bad idea. If there was something he could pick up, then that'd be bonus points for him, right? So he looked the lists over while sipping out of a bottle of iced tea with his Noibat latched onto his head as usual. The list was fairly normal, including the aforementioned needed computers, but... one just... confused him.

So he peered out into the main office, squinting at whoever might be in there.]

Okay, could someone maybe tell me why "Spandex" is listed under priority upgrades?

Private Video - Sonico )

Sci Fi Sonico [Video]

Jul. 11th, 2017 04:19 pm
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*Living with Attleton's new guardian might one thing - she knew that they were struggling for funds. In the past short while, Sonico had overheard a lot about budgets, and lack of technological equipment. So what's a girl to do? Fundraise! She spoke to her talent agency about the best way to make money, and it seemed that there was an obvious solution: selling photo prints. Apparently, this was the way she made most money the easiest, and so Sonico was willing to try.

On the screen is a rather flustered Sonico, but she's doing her best to swallow her anxiety and to do the best she can for her housemates*

Good afternoon, everyone! I hope you're all having a lovely day! Today, I'm doing a little bit of...raising awareness, and I hope that is okay with you all. Please excuse me.

*So far so good, all cute smiles and a bow at the end. This is where she starts to get gradually more pink*

In order to raise funds for Attleton, and for the benefit of everyone, I have prints for sale.

*Sonico's face is replaced by one of the prints in question. It features Sonico dressed up as some sort of futuristic sci fi babe - clearly in-keeping with the technology theme - plenty of skin on show, and all sorts of metal and lights on her costume*

These are a one time only item. The more you buy, the more you save. There - there are more in this series...

*Now Sonico peeks around the photo of herself, and this time her cheeks are really quite rosy - perhaps the other prints in the series are somewhat more risque*

If - if you want to see more... of me. And uhm, well, of the prints then - you can order them from me and I will send them to any address. I am also happy to meet people if that is more suitable. Uh - oh, and I can sign them, if you wish. Thank you for your time today, and thank you in advance for keeping Attleton and all of us safe.

*There's a shy wave, then she suddenly remembers to blurt out the price - these not are the cheapest photos, it would seem, but who knows, maybe it's an opportunity you don't want to miss*



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