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2016-11-08 07:42 am

Characters I play on [community profile] genessia (MOVED)

Moved this over to Tannusen's journal since I'm usually logged in on him anyway!
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2016-07-02 08:52 am
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The kestra'chern's office, description.

Amberdrake's office in Attleton. It's listed in directories as a therapist's office, as well as a medical clinic.

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2016-06-19 11:55 pm
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[OOC] [Reference] Messenger Birds

Typed up from pages 301-305 of the kindle version of Black Gryphon

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2016-03-10 06:20 am
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[OOC] Activity Post - [community profile] tushanshu

As much for my own benefit keeping track as anything.

April 2016 )

May 2016 )

06/01/2016 -- open video, thread: in search of a healer and drugs
xxxxxDrake is the former, and he has the latter, but is either the right type? 1+

date -- X: Title.
xxxxxDesc. #
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2016-03-09 06:49 pm
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Recent Test RP

(( OOC: Doing this scene to show the character as I play him now, albeit in a different setting, with help from my roommate [personal profile] badly_behaved_priest, stepping in for this as [personal profile] treesus. Also, we both tend to prefer past tense, but can RP in present tense too. ))

''Whatever it is you're running from... or toward, you would benefit more from doing so a little slower. Just so that you don't fall into the mud and take longer, in the end.'' )
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2016-03-08 04:01 am
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[IC] contact the kestra'chern

(( IC video, audio, or text messages, whether business or personal, leave 'em here. ))
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2016-03-07 05:57 pm
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[OOC] [community profile] tushanshu application

I'm home again, I won the war, and now I am behind your door
I tried so hard to obey the law, and see the meaning of this all
Remember me? Before the war? I'm the man who lived next door

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2016-03-05 02:55 pm
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[OOC] Amberdrake's Soundtrack

Amberdrake's soundtrack, compiled here for my ease:

( I'd never remember to update it in more than one location! )

And here's the youtube playlist, barring anything youtube has deleted and I haven't caught yet.
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2012-09-20 09:38 am
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Activity Post - Baedal

As much for my own benefit keeping track as anything!

Trying to keep it vaguely in chronological order, so if something is back-scened it'll get tossed in where it ought to be.

09/20/2012 -- Network OP: Text post.
xxxxxDrake posts on the network shortly after arriving/being let out of the arrival room.
09/20/2012 -- Log OP: Whatever is prepared for never occurs.
xxxxxMeeting "Dr Vanessza Bernát".
10/04/2012 -- Thread OP: Bring out yer dea-- er, wounded!
xxxxxArena riots: That part where Drake is out looking for the wounded. Heals a bunch of NPCs off-camera, and then Wolfgang.
10/06/2012 -- Scene join: Hold on to this life of chains.
xxxxxArena riots: Drake drops by Benny's place. Helps out with Benny's patient load, and meets Snape.
10/07/2012 -- Scene join: Tap-tap-tapping at your door.
xxxxxArena riots: Drake catches wind of another shelter -- Ava's -- and comes by.
10/09/2012 -- Log OP: I'm home again, I won the war, and now I am behind your door.
xxxxxArena riots: Drake's final scene for the night, chronologically. Sanzo has arrived in Baedal, and he finds Drake just in the nick of time.
10/12/2012 -- Network OP: Text Post.
xxxxxDrake knows that not everyone he helped in the riots knows how to contact him, so he puts out word.
10/13/2012 -- Log: Take a good look in the mirror and tell me.
xxxxxDrake meeting with Severus after recovering from the riots.
10/26/2012 -- Log: Nothing's what it seems to be, I'm a replica, I'm a replica.
xxxxxDrake and Sanzo chillin' in private and discussing things.
10/29/2012 -- Log: If you want to see the fish, don’t stir up the water.
xxxxxDrake goes for a walk figuring he won't run into anyone. It's always when you least expect it.
11/02/2012 -- Log: When you do not like to fight, change the rules.
xxxxxIlde's been referred to Amberdrake for therapy, this is a first session.
11/06/2012 -- Log: If you need to fall apart, I can mend a broken heart.
xxxxxDrake and Sanzo hanging out on the roof of the dojo at night.

date -- X: Title.
date -- X: Title.
date -- X: Title.
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2012-08-17 01:46 pm
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[OOC] Things that remind me of Amberdrake.

Music, pictures, etc. A bird's nest built out of internet clutter.

( If you need to fall apart, I can mend a broken heart… )

(Fake cut goes to a tumblr specifically for this.)
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2012-08-16 05:31 pm
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[OOC] [Reference] The Silver Gryphon, snippet of still-a-worrier-even-in-his-50s Drake.

This takes place long after the point I'm taking him from for RP, but good to show that some things don't change.

It doesn't matter to my heart that this is peace time. )
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2012-08-16 12:17 am
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[OOC] [Reference] The White Gryphon, on leadership.

This is the very end of White Gryphon. If you ever intend to read the book, you may want to skip this one because it's literally the last few pages.

Change or stagnate. Keep moving or die. That always seemed to be the choices facing Urtho's folk. )
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2012-08-13 02:33 am
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[OOC] [Reference] The Black Gryphon, once upon a time...

Amberdrake's backstory, preceded by angry!Drake and followed by some brief sudden!kestra'chern!Drake.

There's other (small) stuff in little bits through the three books, but this is the part that has the most stated info on Drake's past.

Once on a time, there was a Kaled'a'in family, living far from the camps of their kin— )
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2012-08-13 02:30 am
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[OOC] [Reference] The Black Gryphon, emergency War-Healer in action.

Drake operating as an emergency Healer, and the reason he didn't do this full time.

The Black Gryphon, pages 339--346.

I’d rather not look at meat just now—could look like someone I knew.... )