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Activity Post - [community profile] genessia

June 2016

20 action arrival
xxxxxDrake and Sanzo arrive on Genessia and get their bearings.

July 2016

2 action now, did you read the news today? they say the danger’s gone away
xxxxxAn Amberdrake catch-all.
17 action that's not sneaky
xxxxxSanzo comes home with a burned hand and a mood.

August 2016

9 action and I don't want the world to see me, 'cause I don't think that they'd understand
xxxxxDrake projects a nightmare about Sanzo's death.
14 action not sure what you expected, but I guess it wasn't this
xxxxxSanzo has a realization of sorts and runs off. Drake is reminded of Haven, and goes after him.
18 action that's unfortunate
xxxxxSanzo's turn for shitty nightmares (again).
21 action I know you've been burned, but every fire is a lesson learned
xxxxxDrake wants to learn to use a gun.
25 action hey look more nightmares
xxxxxSanzo has a really bad nightmare about the first person he ever killed.

October 2016

20 action why are you here?
xxxxxTwo different instances of Ukoku Sanzo showing up at Drake's office late at night.
28 action burning into the night
xxxxxShenanigans at Drake and Sanzo's house.

November 2016

2 action don't do that
xxxxxSanzo goes after Ukoku. Drake goes after Sanzo.
10 action good news!
xxxxxAmberdrake carefully informs Sanzo that Koumyou Sanzo has arrived on Genessia.
11 video/text/action remember me? before the war? I'm the man who lived next door...
xxxxxDrake debuts on the network to put out a call for some secretive magic work.
13 action but I will always be your light
xxxxxDrake makes sure Sanzo doesn't chicken out on reuniting with his father.
20 action nothing's what it seems to be, I'm a replica, I'm a replica
xxxxxDrake has had a tough day at the office. He takes it out on the kitchen faucet at home, with a hammer.
29 text the moon greets the rising sun
xxxxxKoumyou makes a public announcement about Sanzo's birthday. Drake promises him a present. <3

December 2016

4 action horticultural therapy
xxxxxTannusen oh-so-kindly suggest Trahearne get therapy. Trahearne gets therapy.
6 action better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace
xxxxxSanzo tells Drake that Koumyou stayed the night at the house last night, and suggests they invite Koumyou to move in.
27 action priest vs priest vs kestra'chern
xxxxxDrake meets Cassian in one thread, Heals him (and Sanzo) in the second, and meets Hastur in the third while tying to help Cassian's lung damage.

January 2017

6 text/action dark shapes gather 'round
xxxxxDrake contacts Ukoku a few days after the Hastur mess.
11 video private video - what happened to your face?
xxxxxDrake checking on Cassian after the priest makes a video with his face bruised up.
16 action forward dated to after the water event because something something something
xxxxxCassian comes to Drake to get his face and shoulder fixed after the throw-down with Tannusen during the water plot.

February 2017

28 action date night
xxxxxAmberdrake (all but literally) dragging Sanzo to Velvet Lust.

March 2017

9 action picture yourself in a boat on the river
xxxxxSzel's hit the fae soul shit too hard. Now he's out to inflict himself on others.

April 2017

22 action who are you to wave your finger?
xxxxxSzel comes to Drake to tell him that he totally doesn't feel bad about anything, nope, not at all.

May 2017

8 action if you jump I'll break your fall
xxxxxDrake's out and about with his little group of pokemon.
16 action just because you're paranoid doesn't mean you're wrong
xxxxxDrake meets Clay at the Bay, in the... day?
19 action give away the stone
xxxxxSzel returns to Drake's office again, this time plucking his feathers from stress.

June 2017

nothing yet!