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Mar. 10th, 2016 06:20 am
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As much for my own benefit keeping track as anything.

04/03/2016 -- closed log post: it may take two to tango, but boy, it's just one to let go
xxxxxAmberdrake and Sanzo both land on the turtle. It's not the reunion Drake would have expected. Complete: 21
04/04/2016 -- open log, thread: seeking Anton
xxxxxDrake goes looking for Anton the morning after his and Sanzo's rushed check-in. Complete: 15
04/04/2016 -- closed log thread: Sanzo was better when asleep...
xxxxxDrake and Sanzo in room #5 at the Midnight Motel. Complete: 61
04/04/2016 -- open log, thread: and the air was full
xxxxxDrake is directed to the Healer's Guild, and meets Raine. Complete: 17
04/10/2016 -- open log, thread: just follow the annoyed grumbling...
xxxxxDrake begins work on Sanzo's crispy right arm. Complete: 51
04/13/2016 -- open video, thread: phantom limb pain
xxxxxDrake offers to help Luke with any phantom limb pain. Complete: 10
04/13/2016 -- closed log thread: nightmares
xxxxxSanzo trying to keep up his end of the bargain. Complete: 22
04/17/2016 -- open log post: when the sun of compassion arises...
xxxxxSanzo edition Complete: 15 | Simon edition 1 | Iroh edition 4
xxxxxDrake finds a small flock of Kaled'a'in messenger birds.
04/22/2016 -- closed log thread: Sanzo gets caught liking animals, oh no!
xxxxxPretty much what it says on the tin. Complete: 15
04/28/2016 -- closed log thread: singing nerd
xxxxxSanzo gets caught singing dorky songs in the shower. Complete: 33

- - - - - April AC

05/01/2016 -- closed log thread: prosthetic issues
xxxxxDrake meets up with Luke to address potential future phantom limb pains. 6+
05/02/2016 -- closed log thread: waking up in a tangle
xxxxxThe morning after "singing nerd". Sanzo finds out about the Lifebond. Complete: 29
05/04/2016 -- closed log thread: there's been too many reminders
xxxxxA few days after "waking up in a tangle". Sanzo's nightmares are getting worse, and Drake's concern is growing. Complete: 26
05/27/2016 -- open video, thread: you poked the child
xxxxxConcerned, totally-not-boyfriends doing the getting-stuck-in-the-doorway thing trying to find out if the other is okay. Complete: 15
05/28/2016 -- closed log thread: slinking home
xxxxxThe in-person continuation to the previous scene. Complete: 10
05/29/2016 -- closed log thread: dreaming kestra'chern
xxxxxHe had to-- he had to write a letter, he had to warn his family, had to beg them once more to take him from the college before-- before they were-- Complete: 20
05/30/2016 -- open log, thread: shiny object
xxxxxDrake meets the huge stilt!dog. Complete: 19
05/31/2016 -- closed log thread: healing the crispy arm, round 2
xxxxxDrake starts healing Sanzo's arm's tissue. #

- - - - - May AC

06/01/2016 -- open video, thread: in search of a healer and drugs
xxxxxDrake is the former, and he has the latter, but is either the right type? 1+

date -- X: Title.
xxxxxDesc. #


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