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I'm home again, I won the war, and now I am behind your door
I tried so hard to obey the law, and see the meaning of this all
Remember me? Before the war? I'm the man who lived next door

Long ago...

Player Information:
Name: Aroihkin
Age/18+?: I am the cryptkeeper. (...Yes, I am over 18.)
Contact: Dreamwidth PM. Plurk is not a very reliable way to get ahold of me by comparison.
Other Characters Played: N/A
Most Recent AC Link: N/A

Character Information:
Name: Amberdrake k'Leshya
Canon: The Mage Wars Trilogy by Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon
Canon Point: About a year after White Gryphon, the second book.
Age: 40-43ish, it's never really stated but that's my guestimate. Due to how well he's taken care of himself and his heritage, most people will probably think he's in his early 30s.
Type of Character: CRAU
http://valdemar.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page (Velgarth wiki.)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Black_Gryphon (The first book.)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_White_Gryphon (The second book.)
I've also put up small samples of the books in this tag and on his profile. Because you can't youtube a book, and the wiki pages are... ehhh, lacking. As they usually are for books.

Setting Concepts:

Velgarth is a high fantasy setting and Amberdrake is from the first three books -- chronologically -- in what became a rather long series. The events that happened during his lifetime -- including his own actions -- still shape things in the more recent books.

There is an entire wiki for this series. Terms that will be of most use in this application:

Things Amberdrake is or has:

Kaled'a'in - wiki. His ethnicity.
Kestra'chern - wiki. An extremely holistic therapist. More about it in abilities.
Chirurgeon - an archaic form of surgeon and all that that implies. No magic.
Empathy - wiki. He feels your emotions; he can project his at you. It's not mind-reading, it's more like having an accurate mood ring, with its visibility determined by any shielding or the lack thereof. Drake is one of the strongest Empaths his world has ever seen in any of the books, and 100% trained. More about it in abilities.
Healing - wiki. What it says on the tin. On top of being a trained surgeon through mundane means, Drake can also Heal. More about it in abilities.

The five (in Drake's lifetime) sentient non-human races who were all in the army with him and live in the city-state of White Gryphon:

Gryphons - wiki. Exactly what you'd think. Huge lions with raptor parts. Created whole-cloth by Urtho; often magic users.
Hertasi - wiki. Lizard people; they walk upright and are shorter than humans, but not tiny like IRL lizards. They seem to have their own special magic.
Kyree - wiki. Giant telepathic wolves. And I do mean giant. Pony-sized telepathic wolves. Is Drake's world awesome, or what?
Dyheli - wiki. Telepathic deer!
Tervardi - wiki. Bird people! Like Tengu.

Some of the important people:

Urtho - The Mage of Silence. Leader of the side of the war Drake was on. The greatest Adept Mage the world has ever seen; able to make an entire race and enhance several others. He also happened to be Amberdrake's friend, and his client... and someone he's pretty clearly fallen for. (In the books he goes 'weak in the knees' around Urtho. I mean come on.) Deceased.
Ma'ar - The Adept of Black Flame. He's... magical Hitler. I'm sorry. but that's basically him. The leader of the enemy side of the decade-long war. Deceased, but has a habit of coming back as a reincarnation every few hundred years later to try again. (But then again, so does Amberdrake and company to stop him. Hi, Darkwind! How you doin', totally-not-reincarnated-Amberdrake! Good? Good?)
Skandranon - The Black Gryphon himself. Brother in all but blood to Amberdrake. Takes no shit.
Gesten - Amberdrake's hertasi assistant; snarky, smart, takes no shit. Adore him. You have no choice.
Winterhart - Ex-noble hiding in the army as a healer, eventual lifebond to Amberdrake. Also takes no shit. See a pattern in the people Drake surrounds himself with?


Amberdrake is extremely dedicated, trustworthy, compassionate, and prone to worry about anything and everything that he himself can't fix or prevent with his own two hands. That he physically can't handle violence has had an impact on his personality, too; he shies away from it at any opportunity, and the possibility of a physical confrontation can have him (privately) in a nervous wreck. But this is only physical violence; some people come to kestra'chern for a safe arguement, after all.

He tends to overthink his options, but then makes snap decisions that often take others by surprise, and often without consulting others. We see this mostly in White and Silver Gryphon. In White the largest example is his plot to set himself up as a madman and frame himself for murder, and in Silver when he (and Skan) demand to go out with the search party looking for his daughter and Skan's son.

Drake can be quite secretive. You might not think it initially, but then you have to take into account that he spends a lifetime guarding the secrets of others, as well as hiding his own emotions and secrets so that they don't impact others badly. It's a small circle of people who he will voice his worries and concerns to, even if he is always a worrier. He holds his cards close.
     Trust Skan to put the situation into the simplest possible terms! Amberdrake had to smile. “Thank you, Skandranon Rashkae, you’ll make me a perchi yet. Should I simply become a baker, and save myself some worry?”

     “You would find another way to take on the army’s burdens as a baker. Each little slice of bread would have a soldier’s very life and spirits slathered upon it,” Skan snorted.
     He entered the lighted areas of the camp, fixed a frozen, slight smile on his face, and checked his walk to ensure it conveyed the proper confidence and the other more subtle cues of his profession. There were few folk awake at this time of the night—or rather, morning—but those few needed to be reassured if they saw him. A frowning Healer was a bad omen; an unhappy kestra’chern often meant that one of his clients had confided something so grave that it threatened the kestra’chern’s proverbial stability—and since Amberdrake was both those things, anything other than serenity would add fuel to the rumors already flooding the camp. And for Amberdrake to be upset would further inflame the rumors. As long as he was in a public place, he could never forget who and what he was. Even though his face ached and felt stiff from the pleasant expression that he had forced upon it.
(I feel it necesarry to point at his pre-books background here, but due to the nature of this app (and where the focus of my answer should be) I'd rather just link to what the book has to say about it, [as typed up here]. Doing a search for the word "chirurgeon" will land you right at the start of his musing on his past.)

Subject to racism all his life, tormented by his own Gifts, with the deaths of his family and the other horrors witnessed in the precursors to the war, and then during the course of the war itself, Amberdrake didn't get the chance until well after the first book to decompress at all. And even in White Gryphon, with everyone looking to him for guidance, he never truly un-clenched.

Characters in Mercedes Lackey books are often critisized for having terrible backgrounds followed by a miraculous fix. They're Chosen to be Heralds, they find true love, etc. Amberdrake remained damaged through-out all of canon, even though a lifebond was thrown his way in the first book. Even in Silver Gryphon, which takes place when he's in his 50s [he's still damaged], still a worrier. He truly can't help it; he remains damaged by his past and all of past canon through-out every book he's in. He still sees the War, thirty years later, lurking hungrily in the shadows.

In essence, Drake lost everything as a kid, became a kestra'chern, and never truly became anything else. He used his job to armor himself at the expense of everything inside--
     I have lost so much that sometimes I think I am nothing inside but one hollow husk, an emptiness that nothing will ever fill. Still, I try to bail in more and more hope, in hope that the sorrow will seep out.
--and doesn't know quite what to do with himself outside of his limited "use". Even Winterhart, though she obviously has helped some with his considerable loneliness, hasn't changed who is at his core.

That isn't to say that the character does nothing but worry and angst, but he fully admits that he finds it easier to forget his own troubles when he's dealing with someone else's. That's one thing that kestra'chern always have in common, no matter their different backgrounds.

He has a curiousity streak a mile wide, and a thirst for knowledge. He knows he can never put all the puzzle pieces together when it comes to his individual clients, and even most people in general, so he strives for context on a larger scale at every opportunity:
     I may never come to truly understand these people, Amberdrake thought with resignation. Winterhart told him that he didn't need to understand them as long as he could follow the logic of their customs, but he had been a kestra'chern for too long to ever be content with anything that superficial.
In part because the information might be useful to protect those he wishes to protect, in the future, and he lacks all conventional means to do so. But also because he has to understand.

There is no Amberdrake more miserable than a hopelessly lost Amberdrake. What good is he without knowledge? Without insight?

And still, there is room aplenty for humor and wit, stuffed into all the cracks in the rest of his personality. What kestra'chern doesn't understand the value of the happier moments in life? Not a very good one. He prefers to surround himself with intelligent, witty people, even when they lack charm and tact. Just about everyone he associates with when off-duty in the books are the smart, snarky types, and it isn't at all odd to find him lounging around with a nice cup of tea while his companions banter back and forth amongst themselves. Skan and Gesten in particular made a tradition of it, often roping in anyone else they could (even Drake himself) into their banter.

The most important thing to remember about Amberdrake is that he is the product of war... and also a veteran of it; a survivor. It has touched every aspect of his life and his personality, deeply, and will continue to impact him for his entire life. But at the same time, he is a survivor, and he will rebuild, and make the most he can of their victory-loss.

But to him, the War lurks in every shadow and in every heartbroken or crippled client. It lurks just behind his eyelids and it waits outside the shining city of White Gryphon for the unwary to venture out into its maw. War is eternally universal; it reaches across time and space, reaching even here among the stars.

As for Drake's leadership arc in the books, it isn't something he seeks and it's something that he seems mostly unaware of for the bulk of canon. He's the head Kestra'chern all through-out the war, he takes charge of Healing the non-humans during emergencies, and he essentially takes over the Haighlei delegation without even meaning to. It isn't until various characters shove it down his throat that he realizes that he's White Gryphon's best shot for the time, and takes up leadership officially.
     Judeth and her Silvers wouldn't be there, either; he'd simply told her not to attend.

     Her reactions had been odd, though, since the time she'd arrived. She'd held herself back from saluting him more than once; he'd seen the little twitch as she restrained the automatic impulse. Judeth hadn't saluted anyone since Urtho died, not even Skan....

     Does this mean she thinks I'm the real leader around here? He wasn't certain he was comfortable with that idea—but he also wasn't comfortable with the notion of Skandranon leading this group in the current circumstances.
     "That's all very well, but a real leader needs to be more than that." Skan sighed as he watched Makke pack away more gifts, this time of priceless fabrics. "I admire those leaders, but I can't emulate them." His nares flushed hot with embarrassment. "I get bored, Drake, handling the day-to-day snarls and messes that people get into. I get bored and I lose track of things. I get bored and I go stale and I get fat. I make up crisis after crisis to solve, when there aren't any. I turn ordinary problems into a crisis, just so I feel as if I'm doing something. You, though—you're good at that kind of thing. I think it's just an extension of what you were trained for."

     "What, as a kestra'chern?" Amberdrake raised an eyebrow. "Well, you may be right. There's a certain amount of organizational skill we have to learn—how to handle people, of course—how to delegate authority and when to take it back. Huh. I hadn't thought of it that way."
Drake's innate leadership and strength are masked by the self-doubt that he's learned from years of discrimination. When he doesn't stop to think about how much of a loser he is, he can be a strong, decisive leader with a keen eye for what needs to be done (and how to get people to do it). His secretiveness is a side effect of being a kestra'chern, and of being a kestra'chern with such a traumatic origin.


Native American skintone, hair, and bone structure. Strikingly blue eyes. Very muscular, enough to do massage therapy on gryphons and to lift and carry most clients and patients he's ever encountered (other than gryphons, who on his world are huge -- though he can and does lift parts of them at a time ie a wing or leg), but flexible with a trained kestra'chern's ability to relax or tense any muscle as needed. His height is never specified in canon, but going off his diet and his environment when growing up, I've pegged him at 5'8" for the sake of knowing who he has to look up at or down at to speak to.

There is a silver ring with lotuses engraved into it on his hand at all times, the only exception being when he takes it off to do massage. It shows all the signs of being worn constantly for at least a decade, though he keeps it free of tarnish. There is also a tattoo on his right palm, long-healed, of a golden lotus.

He normally prefers to dress in loose-fitting cloth, the more ornate the better. He favors beaded tunics, loose pants, sashes, and open robes that imitate wings in drape and weight when he folds himself over a panicked gryphon to comfort them. Being Kaled'a'in (the psuedo-First Nations of the canon) he often goes for rich colors and intricate patterns to underscore the exotic nature of his heritage. To this end, beads and feathers and small bells are often braided and woven into his hair, especially when he's in his work garb.


-------- ARCANE:

Strong Healing Gift and stronger Empathic Gift -- not a rare combination on his world, but it's rare (and detrimental) to have both be so strong. More about that in Weaknesses.

---- Strengths:

The Empathic Gift can theoretically be used as a defense, projecting confusing and conflicting emotions at an attacker in order to escape. The Healing Gift can also be theoretically used as such, because it isn't some blanket "healing" spell that he spams on his target -- Amberdrake is actually able to see into a person's body and manipulate the fluids and energies inside. "Healer's Aftershock" (see below) prevents those with the Healing Gift from abusing this ability, even if they were so inclined. But if you tried to strangle him, for example, he could force the muscles of your arms to suddenly relax. It would take him a moment, however, so it's not as useful against someone leaping out of hiding and trying to stab him in the eye.

On the other hand, he has very fast reflexes and stands a good chance of at least getting out of the way. This is a war medic who had to deal with thrashing gryphons and kyree and kicking dyheli, as well as the ocassional too-angry client. He knows how to get out of dodge.

I also go with the idea that he needs to touch someone to do things like paralyze a limb.

He can also project images; sounds; memories, although usually only with skin contact, and usually only when the person involved is another Empath or at least similarly open (by arcane means) to such a connection. I say "usually" because he is able to delve that deep into the non-Gifted, but only by lowering his shields to a dangerous (for his own sanity) level. It's not something he'll generally do unless it's a do-or-die severity situation.

---- Weaknesses:

His Gifts are as much bane as blessing, and often more-so. The Empathic Gift prevents him from being a full-time Healer, because on top of feeling the "Healer's Aftershock" from the Healing Gift -- where he takes on some of the pain of the wounds he heals -- he also feels pain and despair and suffering on an emotional level, and when he's Healing he can't afford to shield harder against his patient. This is why he was an emergency Healer instead of a full-time Healer in the War, and most of his days were spent attending to his duties as a kestra'chern instead.

The combination of Gifts also makes it nigh-impossible for him to ever become a fighter in the conventional sense; he feels everything he inflicts on another. In canon it's not until the third book -- when he's in his fifties -- that he's ever shown actually taking something down, and it was a direct threat against his daughter and his gryphon brother and his son, so Drake was the height of desperation. It still ended with him on his knees on the ground clutching his head and vulnerable, and he'd have been screwed if something else had attacked.

Furthermore, places like hospitals and battlefields have a profound effect on him, the amount of pain and suffering in the air -- physical and emotional -- chews through his shields faster and harder than it chews through those of other Empaths on his world, and he spent many years of his Chirurgeon training bed-bound with imitations of his patients' ailments.

That isn't to say that he doesn't have shields at all, but they have well-documented severe limits that have actually had a profound and permanent effect on him as a character. It seems that the less sources are involved, the better he does, but he also has some psychological weaknesses within them that aren't part of the standard Empath package, due to his background.

It should also be noted that use of the Healing Gift drains both himself and his patient's energy, although he has enough skill and experience and a strong enough Gift that it normally takes either catastrophic injuries or many injured people to actually exhaust him, especially now that he isn't run ragged from a decade of war.

Also, he can't Heal himself, though I've ruled in the past that he's probably harder to scar up. His over-all health levels are higher on this sort of irrelevant level; for example his blood stays untainted in these poluted 'modern' settings, as though he still lived in his own chemical-free world. But it's nothing that would make a lick of diference if he himself wasn't always taking pains to stay in top physical condition the mundane way.

The canon range on his Gifts are roughly as follows:

* Empathic Gift -- Voice range. If, in a quiet setting, he could hear a character's voice, he's also "hearing" more than that (even if they're too far for him to make out words). In a noisy setting, obviously, he'd sense further away than he'd hear. But that seems to be about the rule of thumb. Closer lets him pick up more details, just like picking out more visual details in a person's clothing. If he's deliberately widening his range, with concentration, he can probably pick up a basic feel within shouting-like-you-mean-it range. On Haven, he was able to sense a distressed stranger a block or two away, but Haven was 99% Empathically silent, so his shields were lower.
* Healing Gift -- Requires touch. Almost always requires skin contact with the relevant area, but not always. Sometimes he can work without touch, but he has to be very familiar with the anatomy of who he's dealing with and probably within touching range, and I've ruled in the past that it burns his energy twice as fast as it strains to make the connection. Merely seeing what's wrong with someone doesn't seem to require touch, but definitely requires touching range, and won't be nearly as detailed without touch.

The only way his powers could be widely-catastrophic would be if he dropped his shields and let his considerable Empathic Gift run completely wild... but he would definitely lose his mind if he did that. It's dangerous to his sense of self to even lower them below normal to one person while keeping them normal to everyone else. Even that much could potentially destroy him from the inside out, if the other person was malicious enough or reeled him in too far.

-------- MUNDANE:

Fully-trained Chirurgeon (non-magic surgeon), fully-trained Healer (further general medical knowledge on multiple species), fully-trained Kestra'chern.

Kestra'chern: a holistic therapist dealing with the following (and many other closely-related skills):

* Costume & acting -- he couldn't even let an entire gossipy war-camp know when he was distressed... for a decade. He was considered easily the best kestra'chern and often tended to Urtho himself, as well as his top people; seeing him in any kind of distress would have sent the whole army into a panic. Learning to act is part of training to be a kestra'chern for many reasons from safeguarding your clients' secrets to ensuring the mental well-being of everyone else. This is something he continued for three books -- spanning over 30 years of story. There's also that time he framed himself as a murderer and a lunatic in the eyes of a potential war-enemy nation's Court, in order to then disguise himself as 'Hawkwind', a stern-faced scout put in charge of guarding himself, which allowed him much more freedom to move around to attempt to catch the real killer. He can be a smooth bastard, both in maintaining the "kestra'chern mask" and in more dramatic performances.
* Massage therapy (assisted further by his extensive training in medicine) -- give him time and a massage table and he can turn just about anyone into putty. Even Gods are not immune, or at least they weren't on Multiverse Haven.
* Bodypainting, feather dying, feather repair, general related stuff applying to the various races of his world, which ranges from feathers and fur to scales and skin. He finished his kestra'chern apprentiship as a feather-painter in particular.
* Psychology -- from the "tell me about your mother" clipboard variety to the sex therapist intimacy issues variety, all depending on the client.
* Escapeology and rope/knotwork that would make a boyscout leader drool themselves into a dehydrated stupor -- he's kidnapped at one point in White Gryphon and hog-tied by a mad-man, and he remarks while squirming out of the ropes that he's forgotten more about knots than that psycho has ever learned.

Between being a trained Chirurgeon, trained Healer, and trained Kestra'chern, he's actually got quite a bit of herbalistic know-how as well. He mixes many of his medicines and teas and dyes himself.

He's also able to do his own mending with those amazing stitches, and can make his own clothing with sufficient time. (It's not like he knows how to use a sewing machine.) Kestra'chern often design their own clothing.

As a kestra'chern and someone with a multicultural background involving multiple countries, Drake knows most of the languages he was exposed to on his world... at least enough to get by with some creative gesturing.

As a Kaled'a'in, he can stick to a fighting war-horse's saddle like glue, and as the son of scouts and mercenaries, he can move very quietly on foot.


His usual clothing (see Description), including his ring and a snapped ceramic amulet. Assorted herbs and the like in his many pockets, because an emergency healer never knows when he's going to need Aftershock care. Similarly, he has his small sewing and suturing kit, out of habit. And somewhere in all of his many pockets of his many layers of clothing, he has a notepad and a pack of standard cheap ink pens, a pack of marlboro red cigarettes, and a spare zippo lighter tucked away.

Magical items: Only one. It's a plain silver ring that he doesn't wear by default but has in a belt pouch for emergencies. All it does is 100% lock down his mind against mind magic. No getting in... but also no getting out; it shuts off his Empathy, too, and that? That feels like sensory deprivation. So, it's not something he uses lightly.

Soul Gem:

Libyan Gold Tektite, set in a golden armband that rests above his bicep.

Writing Samples:
Third Person:

-------- Recent Test RP: ( ''Whatever it is you're running from... or toward, you would benefit more from doing so a little slower. Just so that you don't fall into the mud and take longer, in the end.'' )

-------- D-D-D-D Drabble Gangnam Style:

It was late.

Amberdrake saw his client out, went back inside, shut the door, and leaned against the wall. Weariness settled deep into his bones; a minor headache was beginning above his brow.

Another rough night, he thought with a soft sigh, shutting his eyes. But that just means I'm doing my job.

He gave himself another few minutes to feel wrung out before forcing himself away from the wall. There was more work that needed doing, and no Gesten here to help him do it. The kestra'chern began brewing more of his willowbark tea, this time for the headache. Then, it was off to straighten up the room he and his client had occupied. Massage oils back in their case, table cleaned, scattered cushions picked up...

Drake changed into a heavier, much plainer outer robe to ward off the chill, and retrieved his tea. Thus armed, he stepped out into the courtyard and sat down on the edge of the porch. Watching the steam roil off his tea and into the night air, he let his mind wander for a moment. It settled on how common-place this architecture was starting to feel... 'asian-whatever', Sanzo would have called it.

Years in the multiverses could append a 'whatever' to anything, if one wasn't careful. Asian-whatever, earth-whatever, human-whatever. Other-whatever.

But if he let himself think that way... what did that make him?

A poor excuse for a kestra'chern, is what. Good thing I land on my feet better than that.

Amberdrake took a cautious sip of his bitter tea, and let his gaze travel up to the night sky. This world, at least, had something up there. Haven hadn't always, and he'd never felt comfortable under that empty void. Here, he could at least feel some kinship with the stars.

It was a cold comfort, but he would take what he could get.


[video; Drake gives the camera a wan smile, his dusky skin is a little... grey, at present]

I am told that writing would not translate into the common tongue. Since I wish to put this message out to as many people as possible... well. Here we are.

[he inclines his head, and the smile seems to smooth into something... neater, tidy]

My name is Amberdrake; Drake is also acceptable. I am a Healer, and I am not in the least bit limited to human anatomy.

[the kestra'chern glances down, and then locks his gaze onto the camera again]

I am new here; there is no use even attempting to hide it. But this is not my first time at waking up on a strange new world. If anyone is free to meet, I would be pleased to do so.

[he's a paranoid guy, this war veteran; he doesn't trust talk where any and all can hear it]

Additional Information - CRAU Characters:
Game Origin:

Multiverse Haven was a Las Vegas-esque city in a pocket multiverse, where 'the Chosen' were left to their devices. Expectations, whether purposefully crafted or born of old fears and worries, manifested in that place.

Baedal was a fantasy city; distrustful of magic-users and ripe with the stirrings of civil war. You can imagine how thrilled Drake was.

CRAU Changes:

Multiverse Haven RPG:

WHAT HAPPENED: One year after Black Gryphon (first book) and the end of The War, Drake was hauled into another panfandom game, Multiverse Haven. He spent two years there, and became romantically involved with another character to the point of a second lifebond being formed toward the end of those two years (Genjyo Sanzo of Saiyuki). Not much else of note happened to him in Haven: he had clients, he tried to help people as much as he could; he was injured by characters and monsters alike due to his non-combatant nature, etc. But he mostly managed to carve a niche of strange happiness out of the place.

And then he was sent back to his world on a routine mission to pick something up for the Powers That Be... and while he was away from Haven, the world came under heavy attack with heavy losses, and Drake was left stranded with his memories intact.

IMPACT: Amberdrake's time spent in Haven actually changed very little about his personality, which is part of why the second book happens exactly as it happens in canon, despite that panfandom intermission. His insecurities nearly got the better of him multiple times in Haven because he was fresh from the war, had never had a chance to decompress, and suddenly found himself less and less useful to others (as the game's population declined). His growing attachment and eventual love for Sanzo was both a blessing and a curse as far as his psyche went; was he really worthy of two people?

Being stranded back on his world would have rendered him worse off, and it did for a long time. But ten years is a long time, and he'd decompressed somewhat from the war by then. He was actually a bit more stable over-all than he was back during his time in Haven, just in time for...

Baedal RPG:

WHAT HAPPENED: One year after White Gryphon, Amberdrake woke up on another game, in the city of Baedal. There was no Sanzo there, at first, but he rolled up his sleeves and got to work, doggedly distracting himself from that lack. Sanzo eventually arrived and the two essentially put their backs against one another to better face a war-torn Baedal. Amberdrake asked for a tattoo of Sanzo's making, in case they were separated again. Months went by; dodging militia, healing people in underground resistance clinics and in the streets alike. The pair bought a run-down old dojo, and Drake took kestra'chern clients. Everything settled into a kind of normalcy, or as normal as it gets in any multiverse world...

And now he's being dropped here.

IMPACT: Not much. The only impact Baedal had was reuniting him with Sanzo just in time to be yanked to another world (here) with a Sanzo who doesn't remember him. Whoops. He got another taste of the War, but he always expects the War to be lurking in the shadows.

This RPG:

Here he is. Sanzo (via my roommate who is also applying) had his memories of the two previous worlds wiped (new player), but Amberdrake did not. This has been discussed between us as players and we both agree it'll be interesting for Drake, with all his knowledge of Sanzo, to find himself starting over with the cagey priest.


That Sanzo Thing: Sanzo is being apped by my RL friend, who is also a totally different player than the original from the last two games. We've discussed it, and -- if they are accepted into the game -- this Sanzo will have no memory of the last two games, but the lifebond will still be there; a lingering, subconscious draw between their souls. (It's also part of how we explain them ending up on so many worlds together.) Amberdrake, who has met every facet of Sanzo, including his past incarnation as Konzen Douji, has his memories intact. Should be fun!


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