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As much for my own benefit keeping track as anything!

Trying to keep it vaguely in chronological order, so if something is back-scened it'll get tossed in where it ought to be.

09/20/2012 -- Network OP: Text post.
xxxxxDrake posts on the network shortly after arriving/being let out of the arrival room.
09/20/2012 -- Log OP: Whatever is prepared for never occurs.
xxxxxMeeting "Dr Vanessza Bernát".
10/04/2012 -- Thread OP: Bring out yer dea-- er, wounded!
xxxxxArena riots: That part where Drake is out looking for the wounded. Heals a bunch of NPCs off-camera, and then Wolfgang.
10/06/2012 -- Scene join: Hold on to this life of chains.
xxxxxArena riots: Drake drops by Benny's place. Helps out with Benny's patient load, and meets Snape.
10/07/2012 -- Scene join: Tap-tap-tapping at your door.
xxxxxArena riots: Drake catches wind of another shelter -- Ava's -- and comes by.
10/09/2012 -- Log OP: I'm home again, I won the war, and now I am behind your door.
xxxxxArena riots: Drake's final scene for the night, chronologically. Sanzo has arrived in Baedal, and he finds Drake just in the nick of time.
10/12/2012 -- Network OP: Text Post.
xxxxxDrake knows that not everyone he helped in the riots knows how to contact him, so he puts out word.
10/13/2012 -- Log: Take a good look in the mirror and tell me.
xxxxxDrake meeting with Severus after recovering from the riots.
10/26/2012 -- Log: Nothing's what it seems to be, I'm a replica, I'm a replica.
xxxxxDrake and Sanzo chillin' in private and discussing things.
10/29/2012 -- Log: If you want to see the fish, don’t stir up the water.
xxxxxDrake goes for a walk figuring he won't run into anyone. It's always when you least expect it.
11/02/2012 -- Log: When you do not like to fight, change the rules.
xxxxxIlde's been referred to Amberdrake for therapy, this is a first session.
11/06/2012 -- Log: If you need to fall apart, I can mend a broken heart.
xxxxxDrake and Sanzo hanging out on the roof of the dojo at night.

date -- X: Title.
date -- X: Title.
date -- X: Title.
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